Since 2002, Le Mans Classic has become the necessary complement of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. And somehow the showcase of all high-technologies which were born and fine-tuned there, year after year. The drivers who risk their lives behind the wheels of cars belonging to the glorious past (which are often older than they are) realize that mastering these machines each time is far from an easy affair. The essentials of the sport were no doubt the same; speed, grip, competition, passing or being left behind. However, the driving technique differs every time from the high rides of the Twenties, which were already fast, to the powerful beasts of the Seventies. Le Mans Classic will see to it that the skills needed to drive these cars will never be lost. Having fun is a serious business.


  • Le Mans Classic gives spectators a unique opportunity to see the cars that took part in the Le Mans 24 Hours between 1923 and 1993. And not only that, as many drivers use the event to get back behind the wheel. Of the nine former winners down to…

  • For the first time, the Group C grid will be one of the highlights of the 8th Le Mans Classic with a race that has already attracted 48 cars as a curtain-raiser to one of the greatest historic race meeting in the world. In force from 1982 to…

  • And what if we all pulled out all the stops so our garb is in unison with the cars? And what if, for our great pleasure we are all dressed elegantly, sporty and smart with outfits of the time? The range of clothing possibilities is vast because the…



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“It’s going fast, there are lots of people…
and it’s funny!”

Gaël (Little Big Mans driver)

“Le Mans is a beautiful event and it’s wonderful to be at the wheel of these cars that have marked the history of the competition.”

Paul Belmondo (pilote et acteur)

“For me it’s a real joy to coming back to Le Mans. I really want to congratulate the organizers for the quality of all the grids.”

Jürgen Barth (winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1977)

“I love Le Mans Classic. Ii’s very well organised, the grids are stunning, with more classic cars than meets the eye. It is a real pleasure to talk with the aficionados.”

Soheil Ayari (driver)