Clubs & individual Collectors

Le Mans Classic has indeed been the greatest celebration of the automobile, and who better than the owners of classic cars to celebrate it? Whether they have been members of a club or independent collectors, as for all its events, Peter Auto has honored all the owners who have been the passionate memory of the automobile.

To welcome them, the Le Mans circuit has been transformed into a gigantic ephemeral museum, the largest in the world, which has hosted more than 8,500 cars of all makes and types, with a common feature: being in perfect condition and complying with the eligibility list.

If the cars have been a pole of attraction, the reciprocal has also been true, as they have had many benefits allowing their owners to become the privileged spectators of Le Mans Classic. Depending on the case – single-brand club or multi-brand club and individual owner – they have been able to exhibit their beautiful cars in a dedicated space.

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