Porsche Classic Race Le Mans

Porsche France and Peter Auto put together an exceptional grid made of more than 70 historic Porsches to compete on the legendary Le Mans circuit where the German manufacturer holds the historic record of 19 outright victories in the 24 Hours.

This race will feature models ranging from the first 911s (1965), very close to the production models, to the latest 935 (1981), including the most powerful versions that exceeded 800 horsepower. The cars must have a valid technical passport (HTP) to compete, and entries are sent in in the form of a dossier to be confirmed by Peter Auto.

A flying start will be given to the 50-minute Porsche Classic Race Le Mans on Saturday 3rd July 2021 in the early afternoon. The previous day, entrants will have two 45-minute qualifying sessions (the first in the morning and the second in the evening).

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