For those who wish ta escape tram the gigantic history quake which transforms the circuit into Le Mans Classic long weekend, the only place ta go for shelter is the Village.

Right from the early days of the 24 Hours, shopkeepers and fairground entertainers set up shop near the cars. In two days and one night’s racing spectators feel hungry at regular intervals and what it takes to cater for all tastes is available on the spot. Food trucks of all kinds sell fast foods, now a must in the temple of speed, of all origins including Italy, Greece, Turkey, England, America even France. Some starred chefs bring the most sophisticated gastronomic feasts to this ephemeral centre of the world.

All around, behind the pits and in the paddocks an ever-growing number of exhibitors set up their stalls all dedicated to the passion for motor sport displaying scale models, new and old books, watches, hats, gloves and clothes, jewellery, helmets, paintings, sculptures, and historic relics as old as the race itself. A cornucopia of temptations and curiosities that stoke the curiosity of clients and send them racing from one stall to the next in this unique village!