Jaguar Classic Challenge

The Jaguar Classic Challenge returns in 2022 with a single-make race opening the weekend on Saturday morning. The race, organized together with Motor Racing Legends, features 75 cars: 120XKs, 140 XKs, 150 XKs, C-Types, D-Types and E-Types.

Like many British car-manufacturers, Jaguar owes much of its worldwide fame to its exploits at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in which the Coventry-based brand appeared for the first time in 1950. Victory came the following year and in 1953 with the C-Type, which innovated by introducing disc-brakes for the first time in competition. Then came the D-Type, also innovative in its design processes, Inspired by aeronautics. Its monocoque chassis and magnificent aerodynamic bodywork made it one of the most beautiful racing cars in history.