Four days to see and do everything: not for sure! When the Le Mans Classic gates will close, let’s bet that there will still be a lot of things to be discovered in 2023…


• Opening of the circuit to the public
• Opening of the village & activities
• Preview of the Artcurial Motorcars auction
• Scutineering
• Welcome of the entrants and clubmen
• Paddock access with the General Entrance ticket in the afternoon


• Opening of the circuit to the public
• Opening of the village & activities
• Preview of the Artcurial Motorcars auction
• Little Big Mans Welcome
• Day timed practices
• Manufacturers & Clubs parades
• Night timed practices

08:00-09:40Clubs session
09:45-10:30Group C Racing
10:45-11:20Support race
11:35-12:20Porsche Classic Race Le Mans
12:35-13:05Endurance Racing Legends
13:15-14:05Grid 4
14:17-15:07Grid 5
15:19-16:09Grid 6
16:21-17:11Grid 1
17:29-18:19Grid 2
18:35-19:25Grid 3
19:54-20:39Group C Racing
20:49-21:34Porsche Classic Race Le Mans
21:49-22:24Support race
22:34-23:09Grid 4
23:22-23:57Grid 5
00:10-00:45Grid 6
00:58-01:33Grid 1
01:48-02:23Grid 2
02:38-03:13Grid 3

Manufacturers & Clubs parades
Little Big Mans
Artcurial Motorcars auction
Group C race
Endurance Racing Legends race
Support race

08:00-09:30Clubs Session
09:30-10:00Endurance Racing Legends
10:00-10:15Parade Aston Martin
10:00-11:10Support race
11:20-12:20Group C Racing
12:25-12:30Classic Buses session
12:30-13:15Track lap session
13:20-13:35Car manufacturers’ parades
13:40-14:35Endurance Racing Legends
14:45-14:55Porsche session
14:55-16:00Porsche Classic Race Le Mans
16:15-16:35Little Big Mans
16:35-17:58Grid 4
18:13-19:21Grid 5
19:36-20:44Grid 6
20:59-21:57Grid 1
22:17-23:15Grid 2
23:35-00:33Grid 3
00:53-01:51Grid 4
02:06-03:04Grid 5
03:19-04:17Grid 6
04:32-05:30Grid 1
05:50-06:48Grid 2
07:06-08:04Grid 3
08:22-09:20Grid 4
09:35-10:33Grid 5
10:48-11:46Grid 6
12:01-12:59Grid 1
13:19-14:17Grid 2
14:35-15:05Car manufacturers’ parades
14:50-16:00Grid 3


• 6 grids: day and night practice from Friday on, 18 races from Saturday to Sunday
• Group C Racing: the stars which shone on this track in the ’80s and early ’90s
• Global Endurance Legends: GT and prototypes from ’90s et 2000s
• Little Big Mans: a parade of hundred budding drivers aboard their mini cars
• Club parades
• Car manufacturers’ parades
• Paddocks (pre-booking option)


• Club Enclosures: 60 makes and 8,500 cars


• Viewing on Thursday and Friday
• Auction on Saturday


• Stores: 200 professionals (books, automobile antiquities, ready to wear…)
• Various displays around a period theme
• Retro Beauty: hairdresser, manicure, tailor…
• Retro games
• Music: itinerant groups
• Stages inviting to dance at the ’60s hits’ tempo!
• Cinema Drive-in
• Helicopter (pre-booking option)
• Classic Buses (pre-booking option)
• Track lap as a passenger (Pack VIP pre-booking option)


• Food trucks, themed restaurants, Michelin starred restaurant…


• Privilege Package