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Company Identification: SAVH
Registered office: 103 rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris
Assets: 40 000 euros
N° RCS: 439 162 892

Development: Peter & Associés – 103 rue Lamarck – 75018 PARIS


All images on this website are subject to copyright: Mathieu Bonnevie, ACO, Julien Mahiels, Jean-Marie Biadatti, Patrick Payany, Laurent Nivalle, Julien Hergault, Nicolas Brémaud, Stéphanie Bézard, Marin Peter.

Nominative Information

The user of this Website acknowledges his/her own ability necessary to use and access this Website and agrees that the computer configuration in place does not contain any viruses and that it is in perfect working order.

The user is made aware that it is possible to access the Website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except when absolutely necessary or under the occurrence of computer failure, network difficulties or technical problems.

For maintenance reasons, S.A.V.H may interrupt the Website but will make every effort to forewarn users about this.

The CNIL “Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés” (French Computer, File and Liberties Commission) has made a statement of the automatic management of personal data on this Website in conjunction with the “French Computer, File and Liberties” Act of 6 January 1978.

Any information you choose to supply to us will be used in accordance with Article 27 of the “French Computer, File and Liberties” Act of January 6th 1978. Personal information given in application forms is used exclusively for this purpose and used solely by S.A.V.H who is responsible for its commercial and administrative management.

If the user wishes to obtain access to, remove or amend their personal information, they should write to SAVH / Le Mans Classic, 103 rue Lamarck 75018 Paris, France.

S.A.V.H is the sole party with access to user information.

Intellectual Property

The user of this site must respect all legislation relating to the “French Computer, File and Liberties” act, violations of which are liable to penal sanction.

The Website’s entire content, including software, text, static or dynamic images and all other elements that the site comprises, is the sole property of S.A.V.H.

Total or partial representation of this Website of any sort is forbidden without the express consent of S.A.V.H and constitutes a punishable offence according to Articles L.335-2 and following the Intellectual Property Code.

Similarly, the databases featuring on the Website are protected according to the Act of July 1st 1998. This carries an adaptation of the Intellectual Property Code from the European directive of 11th March 1996. S.A.V.H is the outright owner of all of these legally protected databases.

The S.A.V.H brand and its partners’ brands as well as the logos featured on the Website are all registered trademarks.

Total or partial reproduction of these brands or these logos taken from the Website contents is strictly forbidden without the express consent of S.A.V.H, according to Articles L.713-2, the Intellectual Property Code.

All links put on this Website connecting to other sites on the internet, particularly to its partners, are done so with their prior written authorisation.

Visitors and users are not authorised to place a link to this Website without the express prior permission of S.A.V.H.

S.A.V.H makes every effort to offer users information and/or working and available tools, but cannot be held responsible for its errors, absence of information and/or viruses on its Website.

Applicable Law

These conditions were originally produced in French. Thus, in the case of misunderstanding or conflict, the French original will always preside over this English edition.

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