Support Races

Since 2002, Le Mans Classic has been extended from two days to three and a half. This has made it possible to invite support races for cars, some of which have not necessarily raced on the Sarthe circuit, but which are selected for the quality of the cars on track. In 2022, there are no less than four grids: Porsche Classic Race Le Mans, Jaguar Classic Challenge, Endurance Racing Legends and Group C Racing, the two latter being grids from the Series by Peter Auto. These cars will have the privilege to race on the big 24 Hours circuit and will grant the public the privilege to admire them.

Endurance Racing Legends

The Global Endurance Legends opens the door to a new era for this iconic meeting. With the arrival of this grid the event now covers the history of the Le Mans 24 Hours from 1923 to 2010!

After a parade run in 2018, Global Endurance Legends is joining up with historic grids for a race with cars that young spectators go wild about: GTs and prototypes from the 1990s and 2000s. This year, these two generations of cars will add spice to Le Mans Classic. More than 70 cars including the best will take to the famous track: DBR9 Aston Martin (2005), Speed 8 Bentley (2003), Northstar LMP-01 Cadillac (2000), GTS/R Dodge Viper (2002), 333 SP Ferrari (1999), 550 Maranello Prodrive Ferrari (2002), EX257 Lola-MG (2004), Elise GT1 Lotus (1996), MC 12 GT1 Maserati (2005), Esperante GTR1 Panoz (1997)…

Groupe C Racing

The Group C regulations, in force between 1982 and 1993, led to the production of legendary cars that wrote some of the most glorious pages in Le Mans 24 Hours and the Sports Car World Endurance Championship history.

Early on, the Porsche 956s dominated despite stiff opposition from the Lancia LC2s, and then in 962 configuration, came up against much tougher rivals with the arrival of Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda. Alongside the major manufacturers, small constructors like Cougar, Dome, Rondeau, Spice and WM could still pull off the odd coup thanks to a clever interpretation of the regulations based on strict fuel consumption restrictions. Group C was abandoned in the early 90s after a brief cohabitation with the 3.5s Sports (905 Peugeot, XJR-14 Jaguar, TS010 Toyota, etc), but that era is still considered as the Golden Age of endurance racing by most of specialists of this motor sports field.

Qualifying events

Held every other year, Le Mans Classic offers Group C Racing competitors the opportunity to compete in a 45-minute race held on Saturday lunchtime as a curtain-raiser of the event. Given the demanding nature of the circuit both for the cars and the drivers, and the biennial format of the meeting, competitors will have to take part in two qualifying events to validate their entry for the 2022 Le Mans Classic. These two competitions can be run as part of the 2021 or 2022 Series by Peter Auto. Participation in the Daytona Classic and the 12 Hours of Sebring Classic is also accepted, as the technical specifications of the Group C cars are common to both Historic Sportscar Racing and Peter Auto.

Jaguar Classic Challenge

The Jaguar Classic Challenge returns in 2022 with a single-make race opening the weekend on Saturday morning. The race, organized together with Motor Racing Legends, features 75 cars: 120XKs, 140 XKs, 150 XKs, C-Types, D-Types and E-Types.

Like many British car-manufacturers, Jaguar owes much of its worldwide fame to its exploits at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in which the Coventry-based brand appeared for the first time in 1950. Victory came the following year and in 1953 with the C-Type, which innovated by introducing disc-brakes for the first time in competition. Then came the D-Type, also innovative in its design processes, Inspired by aeronautics. Its monocoque chassis and magnificent aerodynamic bodywork made it one of the most beautiful racing cars in history.

Porsche Classic Race Le Mans

Porsche France and Peter Auto put together an exceptional grid made of more than 70 historic Porsches to compete on the mythical legendary Le Mans circuit where the German manufacturer holds the historic record of 19 outright victories in the 24 Hours.

This race will feature models ranging from the first 911s (1965), that were very close to the production models, to the latest 935 (1981), including the most powerful versions that exceeded 800 horsepower. The cars must have a valid technical passport (HTP) to compete, and entries are sent in in the form of a dossier to be confirmed by Peter Auto. A flying start will be given to the 50-minute Porsche Classic Race Le Mans on Saturday 3rd July 2021 in the early afternoon. The previous day, entrants will have two 45-minute qualifying sessions (the first in the morning and the second in the evening).